2014 Estate Bottled Marquette


The Marquette grape is fundamentally a Pinot Noir varietal that has been crossed with a complex parentage of cold-hardy North American species.  Marquette represents a leap forward in American viniculture by combining world-class viniferous fruit quality with the ability to withstand shorter growing seasons and our sometimes long, frigid winters, making it ideal for Spring Hills’ micro climate. The vines were first released in 2006, and Spring Hill Vineyards’ four acres represented one of the largest plantings nationwide. The vines, now a hardy 12 years old with deep roots allowing vibrant growth even during summer droughts, have matured to produce a dry wine characterized by a deep ruby color, earthy notes, and a long finish.  Spring Hills’ Marquette was recognized with a Silver medal at the 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

It is a dark, exuberant wine with a spicy nose filled with plum and raisin.  The wine coats your palate with a unique blend of fruit and a touch of spice.  The tannins are well integrated resulting in a long velvety finish that will stay with you until your next sip of this elegant Marquette wine!